The best chicken sausages ever

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The best chicken sausages ever


Does anyone remember the organic chicken sausages that use to be sold by Moore Wilsons? They were in the loose section of the sausage serving section. They were plump chicken sausages that tasted like real chicken. I think the makers name was Heuval.


Moore Wilson stopped stocking these sausages a couple of years ago, maybe longer? When I enquired about the sausages not being stocked any more the response I received was: They go off too quickly, there is no preservative, so the shelf life was too short.”


This was a real shame as they were by a considerable margin the best chicken sausages I have ever tasted.


I have searched the internet and come to a site of organic chicken farm, Heuvals. The web address no longer works, watch this blog as I attempt to see it these beauties of sausages are still made.
And to add to my woe, the most viewed posting on this blog is the one entitled; And meanwhile my wife just bakes.” Just goes to show, there is more interest in baking than sausages.
Happy eating.

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