Sausages and Beans

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Sausages and Beans


This dish is popular with the family. I use two varieties of sausages. I generally use a sausage that the kids like and another variety that is more highly spiced. Today I used kabonosy and kielbasa. Both sausages come from Park Ave Quality Meats. The sausages have different diameters and lengths. I cut the sausages to different lengths so the person eating them knows what kind they are getting. This means the kids can give me the more highly spiced sausage, they use their fork to put it on my plate. A win-win situation.


The other ingredients in this dish are onion, cannelloni beans, a table spoon  of balsamic vinegar and tinned tomatoes. Easy to cook, the whole family like the dish.


I do not consider I have a career in food photography. Hopefully the quality of the photography will improve as the blog progresses. However I can’t go back and take another photo, the food is gone, and it tasted good, and after all that is what cooking good food is all about.  


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