Sausage Boy the international correspondent checks in from Lisbon

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Sausage Boy the international correspondent checks in from Lisbon

In Wales it is the school holidays so Sausage Boy has headed to the Iberian Peninsula, seeking sun, sand and snarlers. His first stop was Lisbon. Outside the Museum of Modern Art he bought a bread roll with chorizo, black pudding with rice, black pudding without rice and a flour based sausage with mozzarella cheese to accompany the meats. The bread was a Turkish flat bread. At a cost of four euros Sausage Boy thought it was magnificent. It had a multitude of flavours and textures and was eagerly eaten. He looks forward to sampling more chorizo as he ventures across Portugal and Spain – it’s amazing what a little cash in his account can inspire.

While his father wants to know all about the contents of the roll, his mother wondered if Sausage Boy has ventured into the Museum of Modern Art to view the exhibitions on display. As he is his father’s child he can offer detail on the snarlers, but omits any mention of the art. He did however boast of enjoying the sun and temperatures of twenty-four degrees while his parents are having to light the fire to keep warm. We await further reports from his travels.

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