Homemade Cajun Inspired Sausages

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Homemade Cajun Inspired Sausages


In January we decided to have a few friends around for a barbecue. As the end of February neared we decided that some action was needed to bring this concept to fruition. So on the first day of March reasonable weather greeted our Sunday brunch barbeque.  
I made some sausages, these were Cajun inspired. I cooked a red capsicum, onion and tomato on a low heat for some time. This was added to one kilo of minced pork, along with a good dose of salt, smoked chipotle flakes and smoked paprika. When I made my little test pattie and cooked this to sample the ingredients I wondered if I had added too much flavour. It was pretty bold.


So I made the sausages. They filled the casing well, although I do still get air pockets. When I tied then I thought that this was the most successful tying I have done to date. I’ve concluded that part of this was due to me making the sausages smaller in size than previous attempts.

Along with the sausages I had bought a beef fillet from Prestons. I marinated this in sweet chilli sauce, garlic and soy sauce overnight. The vegetables cooked on the barbecue were aubergine and capsicum.

My sausages were well received. People liked the flavour, texture and taste. They were more mellow than the test pattie and I was very pleased with the result. They were so impressed they wanted a photo of sausages to show to their son, who one day may be Minister of Snarlers.


We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon talking and eating.

Around tea time another friend dropped by, they had a few wild venison steaks and wondered if I wanted some. The animal has been hanging after being shot two weeks ago. So now I will consider what I will cook for tomorrow’s dinner. Venison with …..?
A very pleasant weekend, NZ beating Australia in cricket on Saturday, the Hurricanes winning their third game of the season, a barbecue with good company conversation and conviviality, and also some venison for Monday’s dinner. Excellent!


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