Babicka’s Table and Cubadupa

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Babicka’s Table and Cubadupa

On a showery Wellington day my wife and I set off up Cuba St and came across Babicka’s Table. Cubadupa, a street carnival was on. Cubadupa is always a good place to be, the ambiance of street carnival, multiple music stages and lots of people enjoying the vibe. It was a pity about the intermittent rain.

You may be surprised but I got talking to the woman who was running a food stall. Babicka’s Table make sausages. They come from Waiheke Island. This team of two come from a butchery background. They lovingly make gluten and preservative free sausages for the masses. Using the best ingredients they aim and succeed in making  quality snarlers with a European influence.

The woman running the stall served me a gourmet hot dog with three petite sausages in it and the works. Mustard, slaw, chutney and more. This created a melange of flavours. As I tucked in to the enjoyable roll I had to seek cover as more rain fell.

The last sausage I ate was a very sweet and delicate wurst. Pure pork sweetness, it was great. A red sausage has flavours of beetroot and mint. There was also a slightly smoked kielbasa in the roll too.

My one criticism of what was served was that I could not appreciate each sausage for its specialness. You know when you are eating quality and Babicka’s Table delivers. I would have preferred a single sausage and to be able to savour each flavour.

If you are at a market or carnival and see Babicka’s table, my recommendation is – do not pass it up. Grab one of their rolls, you will not be disappointed.

Further up Cuba St we purchased a paua pattie sandwich with avocado cream and rocket. This was made by Logan Brown Restaurant. Roll on Cubadupa in 2019, I hope for fine weather.

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