Traditional Black Pudding: Zamora – The Meat Preachers

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Traditional Black Pudding: Zamora – The Meat Preachers

These traditional black pudding sausages were in the freezer, and I have been looking forward to sampling another variety of black pudding. The medicos have told me I need to ensure I have a very good diet, which includes plenty of red meat, vegetables and fruit. Black puddings certainly contain the red meat I need to heal my leg so I pulled these out recently to help with the recovery – both physically and psychologically.

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These sausages are short and squat. They are thick, chubby and stumpy in appearance. When they were placed in the pan they wanted to split and of the four that I cooked only one held together. The other three disgorged themselves from their skins and spread over the pan. In fact these sausages split as badly as any sausage I have cooked.


On a continuum I would describe this traditional black pudding as more of like a regular pork sausage with the addition of blood rather than a sausage where blood is the primary ingredient. They were nice to eat and the flavours of cumin and leek are present. The body of the sausage is malleable and soft and is easy to chew. These will have a wide appeal to punters who are keen to sample a simple black pudding.

Zamora – The Meat Preachers are a great butchery. When you are in Queenstown I would recommend them as one of the top must see activities. Forget the Shotover Jet, the gondola or bungy jumping – if you are after a truly memorable experience check out the butchery on the outskirts of town. You will not be disappointed.

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