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One advantage of the location Park Ave Quality Meats is their proximity to Hutt Hospital. After one of my regular weekly appointments with the team of the plastic surgery department, I popped in for some of my favourite snarlers. I also purchased some spicy bloedworst.

I enjoy black puddings. This pudding has a large circumference and significant chunks of spek. I cooked this up and my son and I enjoyed a hearty snack. This is a soft sausage that has a very pleasant aroma – the smell of the meatiness in the sausage. You can detect a level of hotter spice is used in the pudding.

Black Pudding 008

This is a very nice black pudding. It feels nice on the tongue and in the mouth. It has some heat, but only to a moderate level. The chilli flavour kicks in as a medium level aftertaste, with a slight hint of cumin too. Both my son and I enjoyed eating this and would eat this again.

Black Pudding 002

This sausage will not appeal to all and the size of spek pieces could be off putting to some. If you are venturing into exploring and tempting your taste buds with a range of black puddings, I would recommend you start with a plainer style and then you may realise that black pudding is an often under rated style of snarler.  Once you arrive at this realisation the sausage world is your oyster, or maybe a range of spek included  in spicy bloedwurst will come your way.

Cost per kilo: $19.99

Cost for two slices: $4.20

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