Pork Sausage – The Fridge, New Plymouth

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This review has been much like my life, lingering for some time. I was in Taranaki prior to the escapade contained in previous posts. Now it’s time to get on with the posts….

I was on a flying visit to New Plymouth and made time to pop into my favourite butcher’s shop in the Naki. The Fridge is on Devon St and if you are in the area I would recommend a visit. They make great sausages, and a have fine selection of salami and charcuterie All the meat used in the sausages is free range. Plastic bags are not used – you get your delectable meats wrapped in brown paper. This is old school butchering.

I purchased my favourite chicken sausage, the chicken rocket and cashew snarler, along with another variety of chicken sausage – chicken with oregano and thyme. I also brought a pork sausage. Since I was in the shop I added a portion of salami and a smoked chorizo. I left the shop with a nice bag of goodies and looked forward to sampling them all.

The Fridge Pork 003


The pork sausage was the first to be sampled. This is sold as a pork and herb snarler. It had oregano and thyme added to the meat. The grind is fine to medium. The sausage smelt good when in the pan and it proved to be a quality pork banger. The seasoning is quite mild and the dominant flavour is the pork. Plainer sausages are not my preferred choice, however if you are after a simple elegant sausage then this one is a very good example.

I’ll finish by repeating my opening sentiment, if you are in New Plymouth check out The Fridge. You will not be disappointed.


On the way back from the Naki to Wellington, I dropped into Fonterra’s factory shop in Eltham. This shop sells cheese at great prices. I purchased fifteen packages of parmesan cheese. I weighed these when I got home, they were all weighed around the 900g. Cost per package – $6, so another good reason to go to the Naki.

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