Christmas Meats – Park Avenue Quality Meats

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Christmas Meats – Park Avenue Quality Meats

Park Avenue Quality Meats in Avalon, Lower Hutt is a great butchers’ shop. I purchased our meat for Christmas from Park Avenue. I was not surprised when I went to collect my order that the shop was heaving. Punters know where they can get great meat and sausages and they vote with their feet, taste buds and wallets. The queue was not out the door, as I have experienced in previous years, but the shop was very full.

I purchased a large supply of cevapcici sausages – these Serbian sausages are skinless and I am yet to meet a punter who doesn’t like them. They are made from beef and lamb and have modicum of garlic, paprika, salt and pepper added to the meat. On Christmas Eve we attended a lunch, followed by a dinner with families who we have meet while our kids were at the local school. Finally on Christmas Day we attended a whānau barbecue lunch.

Over the course of these three shared meals I took over one hundred cevapcici sausages for the guests. They were very well received at each event. I also purchased a large slab of sirlion or porterhouse steak for the whānau lunch. This was seasoned with salt and pepper before it was cooked on the barbecue – nice tender meat to enjoy over Christmas.

Happy Christmas cooking….

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