Soggy Bottom – Chestnut, honey and mustard sausages

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Soggy Bottom – Chestnut, honey and mustard sausages.

Recently I saw a programme on Country Calendar about Soggy Bottom Farm in the Waikato. As we were travelling in the area we made a visit to the Cambridge Farmers’ Market where Jono, the friendly farmer, sells his products.  Soggy Bottom is small environmentally friendly farm that aims to control the food production from the paddock to table. The farm is home to Tamworth and Wessex saddleback porkers, these breeds are slower growing pigs who have smaller litters. The meat also has a superior taste and flavour than breeds used to produce faster growing pork.


Jono said that life is too short to eat crap food – I can only concur. He wants to make quality small goods that use the best products, and to do this he raises happy, contented pigs, which end up as Soggy Bottom snarlers. We talked about sausages and how if you go to a barbecue there can often be some dodgy snarlers on the grill, wondering why people do it to themselves and their guests. I think I can spot an inferior sausage, so I simply choose not eat them.


The chestnut, honey and mustard sausages were going to be cooked on our barbecue, however the poor summer weather continues back here in Wellington so they were cooked up in the pan. These sausages are gluten free. They are medium to fine grind. The sweetness of the pork is complemented by the honey. The flavour of chestnuts is earthy and balances the other flavours. A very enjoyable sausage that are made with love.

Jono’s sausages are well worth a try. I would buy these again. If you are able to go the Cambridge or Hamilton Farmers’ market I would recommend a chat with Jono, and the purchase of some products from Soggy Bottom.

Cost per kilo: $20.00

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