Skinless Beef, Thyme and Pepper Sausages

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Skinless Beef, Thyme and Pepper Sausages

I was in the Naki and popped into The Fridge, my favourite butcher in this part of the world. I purchased some beef, thyme and pepper sausages. These are skinless in the style of the lamb, rosemary and garlic sausages and the lamb merquez sausages that I’ve previously written about. I cooked these in a pan when I got back to Wellington.

The daughter said the beef, thyme and pepper snarlers were great sausages. I said that I was enjoying the dominant flavour of the beef, the secondary flavour is pepper, with the thyme as a subtle flavour. The balance of flavours makes for a very enjoyable sausage. I do prefer the lamb sausages from The Fridge, however these beef beauties are certainly worth trying.

My favourite snarler from The Fridge is the chicken cashew and rocket snarler. Much to my disappointment they had sold out. However this does show that the good people of New Plymouth know a great sausage.

When I cooked these beef thyme and pepper sausages I used baking paper, this is a simple tip that I have picked up, no sticking to the pan, no need for oil and much less clean up required.

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