Hungarian Sausages – Park Avenue Quality Meats

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Hungarian Sausages – Park Avenue Quality Meats

I purchased some Hungarian sausages form Park Avenue Quality Meats. We had a whanau gathering to welcome a couple of new babies and farewell a family as they head of to Malaysia for three years. Somewhat unsurprisingly I was given the task of bringing the snarlers. I purchased the good old favourites, chorizo criollo and kase grillers. Gordon, the friendly butcher at Park Avenue, identified a new product in the cabinet, called Hungarian sausages. I knew I would interested, so purchased some.

The Hungarian sausage is made from pork shoulder, with the flavours of paprika, garlic and pepper melded into another high quality sausage from Park Avenue. The paprika flavour is moderate and it is complemented by the garlic and pepper. The chief sausage critic thought these are great sausages that will appeal to a wide range of punters. This was echoed by many members of the whanau.

If you go the next post, you will be able to read about the air dried sausages I also took to the gathering, an air dried Spanish chorizo and a Swiss vension dried sausage from The Sausage Shed in Canterbury.

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