Sausage Boy – the international correspondent reports…..

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Sausage Boy – the international correspondent reports…..

Sausage Boy has recently left home having scored himself a role of rowing coach in a secondary school in Wales. He headed to the land of the red dragon in January with a high level of anticipation and expectation for the year. The school he is working in has a boarding house and he eats with the students in the school dining room.

I suggested he could be the international correspondent for the sausage blog. This photo and text arrived with the following comments….. Dinner at school, sausage, meat undetermined, if there is meat in the sausage it is questionable, cardboard in texture, cardboard in taste. The photo does not include the salad and a little cheese that accompanied the meal.


His twin brother not to be outdone, sent a photo of his meal from the halls of residence at Canterbury University. He has also left home and is exploring life in his first year at university. In his brief communication he thought the sausages he was given as part of his evening meal came from the same batch as the ones in Wales.


If you raise your children to appreciate a good snarler, and have them sample a wide range of New Zealand’s quality sausages, it’s probably not surprising that they find institutional sausages to be wanting. I am pleased that they appreciate and enjoy a quality snarler. The many years of training in sausage appreciation has paid off and can recognise an example of sausages that are at the low end of the taste spectrum. Or are they just sausage snobs?

I await more reports from Sausage Boy and his side kick, the new correspondents for the sausage blog. Sausage Boy has just booked tickets to Portugal and Spain for his next break from school – hopefully he’ll find some quality chorizo to tell us about.

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