Michelin star restaurant – where were the sausages?

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Michelin star restaurant – where were the sausages?

This was my first visit to a Michelin star restaurant and while there were no sausages on the menu there was great food. We are in Singapore. Having arrived at 5am from Wellington via Canberra, we saw the slow part of the day as we caught a taxi to our hotel. Being unable to get access to our room, we walked slowly (the heat and my dodgy leg slow us down) around the city. One of our destinations was always going to be Liao Fan, Hawker Chan’s street stall. This restaurant received a Michelin star for the quality of its food.

I scanned the menu for sausages, but alas none were to be found. However we did order three plates consisting of a combination platter – char siew (barbecued pork), roasted pork, pork rib and edamame beans; char siew with noodle, and seasonal green vegetables.




Befitting its Michelin star it’s probably needless to say the food, the texture and the flavours were fantastic. There is a reason they have a roped queuing system outside the stall. For twenty Singaporean dollars we had a simple and delicious meal from a restaurant with a Michelin star, I will contend you would be hard pushed to find better value for money. Hint: arrive early and avoid the queue.

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  1. Lois Bond

    Sounds interesting and food looks scrumptious.
    I’ve no doubt you’ll set up a sausage deal in the local shops.
    Mind the leg, have fun and safe return.

    • Don Stevens

      KIa ora Aprilla
      I’m not sure if the food is halal or not, best to contact the restaurant to find out. The food is great.

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