Bavarian Bratwurst from Munich 

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Bavarian Bratwurst from Munich 

Sausage Boy is in Munich and while he is there, he is sampling the local cuisine – read his take on a Bavarian bratwurst.

Being in Bavaria it would have been rude not to consume a bratwurst. So I made my way down to a local market to try my luck. I went to what was called the best bratwurst in Munich by tour guide on a free walking tour we went on yesterday; the guide do not disappoint. For 4 euro I got a bratwurst and roll – I could have got mustard with it, but after my previous sausage I declined. You could taste the garlic and slight smoky flavour. You got everything you would expect from a bratwurst and it was very enjoyable. Better that the sausage from Cologne.

I wonder if I will continue to get sausage reviews from the intrepid Sausage Boy?

  1. Kay

    The sausage doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    You have raised him well.

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