Tuscan Sausage – Eastbourne Village Meats

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Tuscan Sausage – Eastbourne Village Meats


The friendly butcher did not mention this sausage when I asked what sausages they had in the shop, and they were not in the display cabinet. After I had purchased the third variety he mentioned the Tuscan sausage that was in the chiller out the back. This was made from a recipe that someone had bought into the shop.


I like a coarsely ground sausage and that’s what this was. It cooked up well and the flavours of this sausage are great. It is a  mildly flavoured sausage with elements of garlic and white wine along with a slight taste of pepper.


I had three of these sausages. I ate two of them after cooking, and one cold the next day. All the sausages I ate hot had multiple pieces of gristle. The cold one I had the next day had a very large lump, it was half the size of my little finger nail. The tactile experience of chewing on hard lumps of indigestible something did detract from what could have been an excellent snarler.


I would not purchase this sausage again, unless I could be assured that there were no hard lumpy bits contained within the casing.


Eastbourne Village Meats are well worth a visit if you are out Eastbourne way. My favourite is still the Louisiana Reds and I also recommend the black pudding. However your individual taste will dictate which variety you prefer. Enjoy the trip around the harbour.


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