Tuatapere Sauages – Are they endangered?

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Tuatapere Sauages – Are they endangered?

If you head to Fiordland the remotest part of New Zealand, go to Invercargill, then drive to Riverton, keep on going around the coast, through Colac Bay and you will come to the last town before the bush, Tuatapere. I was in Tuatapere about a year before I started this blog. There is a sign as you enter the town, declaring Tuatapere the sausage capital of New Zealand.

The butcher who creates the famous Tuatapere snarlers has shut up shop. However his business is for sale and for the right price the recipe is included as part of the sale. Has NZ said its last hurrah to these snarlers, or can they come back from the brink of extinction?

See link for the story.

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