The Happy Sausage Dealer

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The happy sausage dealer


I put in an order with the German Butchery in Haruru Falls in the Bay of Islands for a few feeds of their fabulous smoked pork bratwurst (see review dated 13 May 2013).


These arrived today in two polystyrene boxes. I was in sausage heaven. Great smoky aroma, the stack of newly made sausages and the anticipation of a great feed to come later in the evening.


Various friends and workmates meant put in orders and I arranged for 40kg of the beauties. With the help from my super hero son, Sausage Boy, we cut packed and delivered to the expectant sausage purchasers. It did occur to me that I had ordered more than the body weight of my son in sausages. When the stacking was completed 306 sausages were on display on the bench. They were then packed into one or two kilo bag lots.


Luckily the weights and measures police were not present. Fifty grams either side of the kilo was fine by me.


For dinner I cooked sausages and went down to Castaway Fish and Chip Shop in the Northland Shops. This is a very good chippie. A very pleasant feed of sausages and chips was had by the family. The sausages were as good as I remembered from our visit up north.


I performed the sausage delivery to friends last evening, and again this morning at work.


Thanks to Michael and Patrick at the German Butchery.


Then tonight I got this email


OMG the smokiness!!!!!!!!!!!
From the Angels. I think it could have been the best sausage I’ve ever eaten?
Count me in for your next order but make mine a double.



The first of many satisfied customers….

And then the second email…..

Stu reckons that your sausages are the best he has ever tasted!!
When you put in another order can we order some more please?


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