Almost a sausage crisis

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Almost a sausage crisis


I may not have confessed this up until now but I have a “not so secret” stash of sausages. They are kept in the deep freeze, in our shed. I don’t want to give anyone ideas but it’s unlocked, behind the garage. There is also a mountain bike, lawn mower and various garden tools in there. So burglars and nefarious thieves, you know where the good stuff is.


Over the last 24 hours Wellington has through the eye of a big storm. They say it was worse than the Wahine storm of 1968. There were fifteen metre waves in Cook Strait, which you can see from our house if your eyesight is good. There were two hundred kilometre an hour winds on Mt Kaukau, which you can see from our place, even if your eyesight isn’t so good. We are on a ridge and, to put it mildly, we do get the wind. Needless to say it was a little breezy last night. With the wind coming from Antartica, the mercury was low.


The power went off for short time around 6pm. Then at 6am it went off again. Schools were closed and we had one kid at home, as his school was closed. He was closely supervised at all times by my wife, well apart from when she ran off with friends for coffee….. After six hours and a visit by the electrician the power was back on. What was my main concern? The sausage stash in the deep freeze defrosting….


I am pleased to report that the stash remained intact, phew.


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