Pure Beef Sausage

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Pure Beef Sausages


I was at the Island Bay Butchers earlier this week and purchased this new product. Took them home and cooked them for tea. They were served with oven roasted cauliflower, leeks and blue cheese. We also had baby peas.


As the butcher said, it is all beef banger, including the casing. It is also gluten free. But the big question is – what does it taste like? It is good, very dense and gives the mandibles a good work out. It is a pleasant meaty sausage that lets the meat give the flavour. In comparison to other meat sausages I have reviewed this is ok, without being great. I would buy this sausage again.


The other dishes that accompanied the sausages were a roasted leek and cauliflower with blue cheese. This is a very pleasant dish which all the family really enjoys. See the link for the recipe. This was also served with some baby peas, courtesy of Mr Wattie. What would a family do without Mr Wattie?


Cost per kilo: $17.95

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