Goan Chorizo – Grey Lynn Butchers

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Goan Chorizo – Grey Lynn Butchers

While in Auckland I visited Grey Lynn Butchers. Last year at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition I judged the innovation category. I had particularly enjoyed their Goan Chorizo, which won a bronze medal. When the medals were announced, I made the mental note to visit Grey Lynn Butchers in the future.

These are not your average sausage. They are made from free range pork, and are very chunky, highly spiced and fatty. There are big lumps of both meat and fat that can be seen in the sausage. Cooking in the pan over a gentle heat one of the sausages burst, while the other one retained its shape. There was a considerable amount of fat oozing from the sausage, which just made us anticipate them all the more.

Goan Chorizo from Grey Lynn Butchers

This sausage is highly spiced. There is a complexity and layers of flavour in the sausage. While I ate the sausage whole, it would be great in a dish such as risotto or paella. These are not to everyone’s taste, you need to like lots of heat on the palate, however I really enjoyed them.

I would put them in the same category as the Hungarian Artisan’s Hot Goan Chorizo.

Both of these sausages are great creations that I really enjoyed.

Cost per kilo: $40.00

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