Pork, Truffle and Parmesan Sausages

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Pork, Truffle and Parmesan Sausages

As part of the trip to Southland, we were in New World in Gore. I saw these sausages for sale decided to buy them. They were made at New World in Gore. The snarlers came back to Wellington and were eaten as part of an evening.

The pork, truffle and parmesan sausages are finely ground. Pork is dominant flavour, this sweetness is complemented by the earthy subdued flavour of truffle. I struggled to detect parmesan in the sausage. These sausages were developed to satisfy the palates of the masses, which frequent New World in Gore. A standard pork sausage with a slight hint of truffle, and no flavour of parmesan. An ok sausage, but from my perspective it failed to reach great heights.

Cost per kilo: $17.99

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