Devro Great NZ Sausage Competition

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After having the pleasure of being a judge at the Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition it was great to see the result announced. In a first, joint winners were awarded the Supreme Award. Te Rapa New World’s Angus Beef and Westmere Butchery’s Beef and Mushroom shared the top award. To come through a field of nearly five hundred sausages in thirteen categories is real achievement.

I judged the beef section and I can attest to the quality of the Angus Beef sausage. All judging is completed blind, and when we get to that special sausage that stands out, it is a real pleasure.

Congratulations to all the winners. I know from experience that the awards are a closely fought competition with many great sausages being sampled over my two days of judging.

From a Wellington perspective it is good see a Cameron Harrison black pudding and Eastbourne Village Meats Red Roma receiving medals. I am looking forward to sampling these sausages.

Below is a list of this year’s winners.

Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition 2018 full results:

2018 Supreme Award                                      New World Te Rapa, Angus Beef

                                                                        Westmere Butchery, Beef and Mushroom

2018 People’s Choice Award                         Westmere Butchery, Beef and Mushroom

2018 Devro NZ Wildcard Award*                     Peter Timbs Meats, Hot Chorizo


2018 Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition Medallists:

Category: Beef          

  • Gold:                           New World Te Rapa                            Angus Beef
  • Silver (joint):                Hellers Ltd                                            Hellers Angus
  • Silver (joint):                Leonard’s Superior Smallgoods           Old English Beef
  • Bronze:                        Countdown                                         Angus Beef

Category: Pork

  • Gold:                           L’Authentique                                     Pure Pork
  • Silver:                          The Kiwi Butcher Shop                         Pure Pork
  • Bronze:                        Moos Baas & Oinks                             Pure Pork

Category: Poultry

  • Gold:                           New World Stonefields                         Smokey Chicken, Coriander & Garlic
  • Silver (joint):                New World Stonefields                        Chicken, Coriander, Garlic & Mild Chilli
  • Silver (joint):                Grey Lynn Butchers                             Free Range Chicken and Truffle
  • Bronze:                        Raeward Fresh Tower Junction           The Senorita

Category: Pre-cooked

  • Gold:                           Cattermoles Butchery Kaiapoi           Smoked Saveloy
  • Silver:                          Akaroa Butchery & Deli                      Cotechino
  • Bronze:                        Morepork BBQ                                     Pork Hot Dog

Category: Flavoured  

  • Gold:                           M & M Master Butchers                       Pork Flavoured
  • Silver:                          Esk Valley Meats                                 Lamb & Mint Flavoured
  • Bronze (joint):              Hellers Ltd                                            Hellers Pork Flavour
  • Bronze (joint):              New World Greenmeadows              Pork Flavoured

Category: Continental Fresh  

  • Gold:                           PAKn’SAVE Riccarton                          Italian Casalinga
  • Silver (joint):                Foodstuffs South Island/ Pams             Italian Lamb
  • Silver (joint):                New World Stanmore                         Italian Pork
  • Bronze (joint):              Aussie Butcher New Lynn                    Bratwurst
  • Bronze (joint):              Avon’s Butchery                                  Italian Fennel Pork

Category: Continental Ready-to-Eat

  • Gold (joint):                 Zamora                                               Picante Salami
  • Gold (joint):                 Peter Timbs Meats                              Hot Chorizo
  • Silver:                          The Butchers Block &                           Beef Classic Salami

Smokehouse Wanaka

  • Bronze:                        Ashby’s Butchery                                 Bell’s Original Pepperoni

Category: Pre-cooked

  • Gold:                           Leonard’s Superior Smallgoods           Black Pudding
  • Silver:                          Cameron Harrison Butchery               Black Pudding
  • Bronze:                        Wild Game Salamis                Wild Venison French Black Pudding

Category: Traditional

  • Gold (joint):                 M & M Master Butchers                       Cumberland Pork
  • Gold (joint):                 L’Authentique                                     Pork & Fennel
  • Silver:                          Raeward Fresh Queenstown              Free Range Pork, Fresh Apple & Toasted Fennel Seeds
  • Bronze:                        The Produce Company                      Pork & Fennel

Category: Gourmet Beef

  • Gold (joint):                 Westmere Butchery                             Beef & Mushroom
  • Gold (joint):                 New World Stanmore                         Roast Beef, Horseradish & Beetroot
  • Silver:                          New World Greenmeadows              Beef, Truffle & Parmesan
  • Bronze:                        Hellers Ltd                                            Hellers Sticky Ginger Beef


Category: Gourmet Pork

  • Gold:                           Whenuapai Meat Merchant              Free Range Pork, Sweet Gala Apple & Sage
  • Silver (joint):                Aussie Butcher New Lynn                    Ben’s Jalapeno & Smokey Cheese Sausage
  • Silver (joint):                Avon’s Butchery                                  Pork & Cranberry
  • Bronze (joint):              New World Bishopdale                       Pork Breakfast
  • Bronze (joint):              New World Havelock North                Pork & Paua

Category: Pre-cooked

  • Gold:                           Eastbourne Village Meats                   Red Roma
  • Silver:                          Euro Gourmet Meats                          Drunken Lamb & Onion
  • Bronze:                        Aussie Butcher New Lynn                    Moroccan Lamb

Category: Innovation 

  • Gold (joint):                 Sausages by Design                            Naked Pure Pork
  • Gold (joint):                 Agora – Butchery & Deli                      Lentil, Kumara & Masala
  • Silver:                          PAKn’SAVE Cameron Road                Vegetarian
  • Bronze:                        Grey Lynn Butchers                             Goan Chourico

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