It must be true love

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It must be true love


My wife had to go to Auckland for a day’s work. I received a call late in the day saying she was outside Westmere Butchery and what kind of sausages would I like purchased. From our visit to Auckland in January the two sausages that stuck in my memory were the pork, blue cheese, walnut and pear; and Italian Banderia. Both varieties were available and purchased.

After a quick flight to Wellington these were consumed by an appreciative whanau. The sausages were as good as I remembered them. The blue cheese, walnut and pear is an outstanding snarler for those who enjoy the tanginess of blue cheese with the texture of roughly ground walnuts on the palate. We even had some left over to share with friends when had them round for coffee and hot cross buns at Easter.


Buying sausages for your husband during a quick trip to Auckland, it must be true love.


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