Lamb Merquez

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Lamb Merquez Cameron Harrison Butchers

These are good (not great) sausages. They come from Cameron Harrison Butchers. A little feed of four sasuages was consumed as a snack, over the last few days. They are mildly spiced. There are some hot spcies used, howeverly this is down sparingly, to arrive at a mild flavour. However I would call these a subtle flavour, certainly down the mild end of the continium. The main spice I identified was red chilli. The texture of the sausage is medium. When I asked the butcher what was in them, he said it was a secret and only his boss knows this information. If the boss dies and this information goes to the grave with him, it would not be a great loss to the culimary world.

I will buy these sausages again, when I want to add more variety to my sausage eating.

No comments from the kids, all the sausages were eaten by me.

Price per kilo: $19.95

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