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These sausages were brought from Moore Wilsons.


They are a large fat sausage. These sausages can be bought as either medium or hot, so for those who are regular readers you will know I purchased the hot variety.


I made a sausage and bean dish, one of our family specials. Spiced sausage and cannelloni beans; tomatoes and bit of balsamic vinegar for a slightly acid taste to the dish. I cut the sausages in different ways so the eater can identify the type of sausage they are eating. I also used kabonosy from Park Ave Quality Meats in the dish.


The cacciatori are a chunky coarsely ground sausage, this is a texture I prefer. They are spiced with a variety of seeds and spices that you can see in the texture of the sausage. They are also hot for my palate. So to have bite size pieces is a preferable method when eating them. They were very hard to chew. The mandibles received a very good work out before the sausage slid down the gullet. While these sausages were pleasant to eat, I would give them an average rating within the context of hotter spiced sausages. My wife ate couple of pieces and then decided to concentrate on the kabanosy. The kids just stuck with the kabonosy.

 I was able to enjoy the left overs the following day.


Cost per kilo: $29.90

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