The Devil’s Cheesy Pack – BarvariaNZ

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The Devil’s Cheesy Pack – BarvariaNZ

The Devil’s Cheesy Pack contains two contrasting sausages made by BarvariaNZ. See the previous post for a review the currywurst. There were eight sausages in the pack, four are highly spiced, four are a cheesy sausage. The sausages are made from a combination of beef and pork.

The highly spiced sausage failed to meet my criteria for a sausage I would eat again. The heat from the spices is the dominant flavour. Although there are a variety of spices in sausage, the paprika completely dominates and over powers the meat. The sausage lacks complexity and while the packing says coriander, garlic and nutmeg are also present, you would never know this from the taste. All you can taste is heat on the palate.

The cheesy sausages are a real contrast. As a general rule I am not a fan of cheese in sausages and these snarlers did nothing to alter my opinion. (But what about the blue cheese, pear and walnut sausages you make? Ok the internal contradiction rules here…)

Two sausages and two short and sharp reviews. You can read, I am not keen. So if you are keen to sample some of BarvariaNZ creations, my recommendation is – try the currywurst.

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