Andouille Sausage – Eastbourne Village Butchery.

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Andouille Sausage – Eastbourne Village Butchery.

In a previous post I was in Eastbourne and at the same time I purchased some andouille sausages. Andouille sausage originates in France and is a pork sausage. It has also become part of Louisiana Cajun and Creole cuisine – spicy hot flavours accompanied by smoke. This ticks all the boxes for me. In the andouille sausage there are elements of spice, garlic, pepper and cayenne. It is a coarsely ground sausage.

I cooked up these sausages as part of the cold mid winter’s meal. My son and I sampled a few morsels and enjoyed the taste and I also added this to a fish pie I made. This was an error. The fish pie consisted of warehou fillets, cauliflower, and a light blue cheese sauce topped by breadcrumbs. The andouille sausage did not really go well with this dish. Chef please take note, you mucked this one up.

Despite the odd mix up of flavours in the fish pie, the andouille sausage for Eastbourne Village Butchery is a very nice sausage. It has layers of smoke and spice and while it did not work in the fish pie I made, this does not mean that it is not a quality sausage. It is guten free, and I will eagerly purchase these again.

My favourite from this butcher’s shop are their Louisiana Reds. I do not go to Eastbourne very often and more often than not, they have none in stock, however if they are in the display cabinet, this is a must buy snarler.


Price per kilo: $22.50

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  1. Bill

    Kia ora Don – have you encountered andouille sausages in any other butchers in Wellington? I’m keen to get my hands on some to make a gumbo but Eastbourne is obviously a bit out of the way.

    • Don Stevens

      Kia ora Bill, gumbo with andouille sausages sound great. If you search the blog (top right of the screen) you will find a post I wrote in Aug 2016, L’Authenique make a very good andouille sausage. I purchased these from New World in Thorndon. Happy gumbo making.
      The other sausages I would recommend for the gumbo are from Park Ave Quality Meats in Avalon – the kabonosy and chorizo criollo are fantastic sausages.

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