Goan Salami and Spicy Hungarian Paprika Salami (Kolbasz) – Hungarian Artisan Company

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Goan Salami and Spicy Hungarian Paprika Salami (Kolbasz) – Hungarian Artisan Company

I have been very impressed by the salami I had sampled from the Hungarian Artisan Company. Moore Wilsons stock the Hungarian Artisan Company’s product, however when I have visited there has been a limited range and supply. Obviously the smart customers at Moore Wilsons recognise quality product and they were quickly snapping up the snarlers from the Hungarian Artisan Company. I was very pleased to see a wider variety in the cabinet when I was shopping recently early on a Saturday morning. The early bird gets the worm, or maybe that should be the salami….but I came away with plenty of product.

I purchased hot Goan Chorizo and some Spicy Hungarian Paprika Salami (Kolbasz). I had high expectations so I purchased all the spicy kolbasz in stock – three packages along with a couple of Goan chorizo. I took these home and decided to make risotto.


The Goan chorizo is different. The packaging states it is – our interpretation of the traditional chourico sausage from India stays true to its origins with a hot spicy burst of intense flavour. For the lovers of exotic and spicy foods only! Made with free farmed pork, with flavourings of turmeric, garlic, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, chilli and cumin. This chorizo delivers. The turmeric gives the sausage a yellowish tinge and the chunky ground meat is just how I like it. This chorizo had the essence of Goa when eaten. I have never sampled an Indian chorizo before, and I do enjoy Indian food so this chorizo is part of that experience. This is a different chorizo but is one to be savoured.

The spicy kolbasz is also very pleasant, wood smoked and aged. I do like a chunky spicy eastern European sausage. I would describe the spice as at the high end of spiciness. It is not as strong as Park Ave Quality Meats’ sremska, however it does approach this level. Both the sremska and the spicy kolbasz are excellent examples of a superb sausage. They have complexity in the flavour, there are elements of paprika, chilli and cumin that will make a spicy sausage lover salivate for more. I would high recommend the spicy kolbasz.

The chicken and chorizo risotto went down well with the whanau. They know and appreciate the style of sausage cooked by the sausage blogger. They can recognise the smile on his face and the look of contentment as he munches away being happy about his life and knowing that all is good in the world.

If you are after quality and spy Hungarian Artisan Company product in a shop near you, be smart and buy some, you will not be disappointed.

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