Polish Smoked Bacon Sausage – The Sausage Shed

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Polish Smoked Bacon Sausage – The Sausage Shed


This is the final review of the three sausages purchased from the Sausage Shed at the Farmers’ Market in Waipara. The term Sausage Shed is a bit of a misnomer – the sausages were being sold from a sausage gazebo.


Like all the sausages from this butcher they are longer and thicker in girth than the average snarler. These are very appealing sausages, primarily finely ground sausage with some larger chunks within the ground meat. During cooking the aroma was great and the family came flocking – meaty bacon and smokey aroma permeated the kitchen.


The primary flavour is bacon with a secondary flavour of smoke. It is a very good sausage. I would describe the sausage as having an Eastern European origin, but made for the kiwi palate.  Both the boys thought these were great sausages and said it reminded them of another one of their favourites, kabonosy from Park Avenue Quality meats. This sausage is my preferred banger from the Sausage Shed. I consider it the best snarler I have eaten over the last few months.

This sausage has broad appeal but there is only way to find out and that is to go to one of the Farmers’ Markets when the Sausage Shed is selling their wares. Buy some of these bangers, take them home and cook up a delectable meal.

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