White Pudding from Harrington’s

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White Pudding from Harrington’s


I was at the supermarket shopping and thought I would add a tube of white pudding to the groceries. This was a small tube made by Harrington’s who have a butchery in Miramar. I cooked these up as an aperitif as I cooked dinner. I was hungry and ate quite few slices. My son also wanted some so the white pudding did not go very far.


Although white pudding may be considered as a breakfast or lunch sausage it also goes down well as small snack prior to dinner. This sausage was chunky and it did have some congealed fat when I opened the tube. The small kernels and flecks of millet could be seen in the sausage. The taste of white pudding was nice – it had a slight amount of hotness on the palate with a stronger aftertaste of heat which was mild.


The labelling on the tube said the white pudding had been made with pork and veal. This was a pleasant sausage that I would buy again but I would rank it at the lower end of my ‘must buy again’ list.
I went to Harrington’s website to see if there was more information available. www.harringtonsmallgoods.co.nz This website imparts very little information and could do with a major revamp. Currently there is a list of products and not much more, a greater amount of information could easily be given about the products Harrington’s make.

Cost per kilo $20.39


Cost for the tube $7.34


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