What is out the back of Westmere Butchery?

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What is out the back of Westmere Butchery?


On our summer holiday we travelled to Auckland and stayed with a friend, she lives in Grey Lynn. My wife came home from a morning stroll and said, “I walked past the Westmere Butchery, and they are open.” I was surprised they were open on a Sunday morning just after Christmas, however was delighted with the news. So naturally I wandered down and brought some snarlers. The young butcher who served me was helpful and informative. I told him about my blog and he showed me their chiller. He said with the Christmas rush they only had about half the number of snarlers that are normally present and that the butchers would be working hard to restock the sausage supply. Even at half full it was an impressive sight!

Of course I purchased some snarlers to be eaten on our trip to the far north.

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