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The Index

This is in three parts. A – Running and sausages. B – Tramping and sausages. C – Homemade sausages

A) Running and sausages

It is not all beer and sausages

As this series has grown, I have developed this index for those who like to read about running and sausages.

Part One – Tararua Mountain Race, March 2013

Part Two – Mukamuka Munter, September 2013

Part Three – NZ Road Relays, October 2013

Part Four – Training Run in Tararuas, January 2014

Part Five – Jumbo Holdsworth, January 2014

Part Six – Tararua Mountain Race, March 2014

Part Seven – NZ Road Relays, October 2014

Part Eight – Aorangi Undulator, November 2014

Part Nine – A Misty Southern Crossing, December 2014

Part Ten – Jumbo Holdsworth, January 2015

Part Eleven – Tararua Mountain Race, March 2015

Part Twelve – NZ Road Relays, October 2015

Part Thirteen – Kepler Challenge, December 2015

Part Fourteen – Jumbo Holdsworth, January 2016

Part Fifteen Tararua Mountain Race, March 2016

Part Sixteen Tramping over Mitre and Girdlestone, May 2016

Part Seventeen Hooper Loop, January 2017

Tramping and sausages

Can Man Live by Sausages Alone? – November 2012

Sausage Selection on a Six Day Tramp – January 2013

Celebrating the Ascent of Everest – June 2013

The Sausage Gods Lurk in the Tararuas  – January 2014

Easter Tramping – April 2015

Mt Karioi and chorizo – January 2016

See Part Sixteen above for an interesting yarn

C) Homemade sausages

Judgement Day for the Sausage Blogger – May 2014

Homemade Sausages – Sept 2014

Onion, Capsicum and Garlic Sausages – Nov 2014

Pork and Apple Sausages – Dec 2014

Christmas Sausages – Dec 2014

Cajun Sausages – Mar 2015

Pork, Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut Sausages – May 2015

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