Philippe’s Handmade Greek Lamb Sausages

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Philippe’s Handmade Greek Lamb Sausages


While in Takaka we went to the Fresh Choice Supermarket, a medium sized store, with a limited selection of sausages. Lots of the bog standard supermarket sausages that I try to avoid. I found two packets from Philippe of Nelson on the shelves. Philippe has moustache under his name, and says he operates out of Marble Arch Arcade. I assume he is French. These sausages are gluten free.


The Handmade Greek Lamb sausages were cooked for dinner one evening. These sausages are a medium to fine ground texture and they have a pleasant flavour. They were good eating, an enjoyable and satisfying meaty sausage. The packaging says they are 80% lamb. While cooking they oozed out the casing, meaning they had to handled gently when serving.


I would purchase these sausages again.


These sausages were served with pork sirloin, a Greek salad and fresh corn. 


The standard of the sausages against the price charged means these are great value for money.


Cost per kilo: $14.99 

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