First Evening Meal on Holiday

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First evening meal on holiday.


Tonight was the first night of our summer holiday. The rejects from Christmas lunch, (refer to the postingThe Micromanagement of Sausage Selection, 24 December 2012) Park Avenue Quality Meat’s lamb and mint were cooked. These are an ok sausage but do not rise to the heights of other sausages that emanate from this establishment. I may be harsh, but in a shop where quality abounds these sausages are very average. They are meaty and the mint is subtly reflected in the flavour. A person who wants to eat a simple sausage may be satisfied by these morsels. Personally if you want a simply falovoured meaty sausage in this price bracket, the Dutch Braadworst are vastly superior. The other meat served were lamb loin chops.


We served these sausages with a tomato and feta salad, a green salad, coleslaw and fresh potatoes. An enjoyable meal was had in the late evening sun at Golden Bay.  


Cost per kilo: $14.99

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