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These sausages are little beauties. I like a strongly flavoured sausage however these are too strongly flavoured for even me to eat and enjoy as a whole sausage. I prefer to cook these in a dish where they are in smaller pieces and not the primary flavour in the dish, eg the postof the 22nd August. Another way of eating and enjoying sremska is on a water cracker. In this instance I had sliced sremska and blue cheese, which was suggested to me by Gordon. These little morsels were delectable. A strongly flavoured sausage accentuated by the tang of blue cheese. We had people around in a on a Sunday afternoon, a few drinks and these made some nice nibbles.


Srem is a region in Serbia, these sausages are spiced with a good quantity of paprika, black pepper, salt and few secret spices. They have a high fat content, when cooking the fat oozes out. Gordon the chief sausage maker at Park Ave Quality Meats also says to make a quality sausage you need to use quality meats.  Although these are not cheap, they are worth the expense. Not an everyday eating sausage rather a speciality sausage for those who like a bit of spice on their palate and in their life.


Cost per kilo $34.95

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