Hot Chorizo – Park Avenue Quality Meats

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Hot Chorizo – Park Avenue Quality Meats

I was in Park Avenue Quality Meats stocking up on a supply of sausages to get us through the lockdown that was obviously coming. As well as kabonosy, chorizo criollo and German Braadwurst, I spied some hot chorizo in the cabinet.

This hot chorizo was made by the team at Park Avenue with a recipe supplied by a customer. One aspect of Park Avenue that I really like is if you turn up with an old family recipe, Gordon the lead butcher at the shop will make this for you. I cooked up the Hot Chorizo during the lockdown. They are a pork chunky-grind sausage that has elements of hot paprika, red wine and garlic. They are hot, on a similar level to sremska, also made by Park Avenue Quality Meats.

In our isolation bubble we had a couple of young waifs from England who had the potential to be locked down in camper van on the West Coast of the South Island before we rescued them. One of these waifs, all six foot five of him, was very keen on these spicy snarlers. These sausages will not appeal to all, however if you like hot and spicy types, these will be savoured on your palate.

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