Black Pudding – Blue Mountain Butchery

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Black Pudding – Blue Mountain Butchery

I am always keen to sample a black pudding. While at the Otago Farmers Market I purchased a nice looking black pudding from Blue Mountain Butchery which was eaten in Wellington a few days after we got home.

This black pudding cooked nicely in the pan. It was soft and malleable, and it broke up once cut into a portion for eating. On the continuum of black puddings, it is very mild in flavour. It would suit a sausage eater who was keen to sample some black pudding, but who might be a tad nervous about eating a blood sausage. There was a residual after taste of peppery heat at the back of mouth, as you would expect from a black pudding.

From the previous review of the beef steak and onion sausages for Blue Mountain Butchery, I have concluded that this a good old-fashioned kiwi butchery that makes sausages aimed at the regular punter. These are good sausages that will sustain a real hunger. If you are in Tapanui or the Dunedin Famers’ Market, check them out and buy some wholesome snarlers to take home.

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