Beef and Blue Cheese – Thorndon New World

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Beef and Blue Cheese – Thorndon New World

I was at Thorndon New World recently and saw the beef and blue cheese sausages on display. They were made by the butchers at New World. Sadly, I purchased some of these sausages and I have to be up front and blunt – these sausages were underwhelming.

These beef and blue cheese sausages were very average beef sausages with a very subtle (or should I say – barely detectable) taste of blue cheese. The fine ground beef sausage is an ordinary sausage, and adding a minuscule amount of blue cheese flavour does not enhance the end product.

The list of ingredients on the packaging does not mention any meat or beef content. I suspect this is an error in the labelling, as opposed to it being a meat free snarler.

Cost per kilo: $18.99

I would not buy these sausages again. There are no photos, because these sausages do not deserve to have there image recorded. So I have included a photo of the pork and blue cheese, and pear and walnut sausages I make.

However, if you are keen on a blue cheese sausage then some of my pork, pear, blue cheese and walnut sausages may appeal. Easy to make, delicious to eat.

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