Pork and Apple Cider Sausages – Eastbourne Village Butchery

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Pork and Apple Cider Sausages – Eastbourne Village Butchery

I was in Eastbourne and while there made time to stop and visit the Eastbourne Village Butchery. I was hoping to purchase some Louisiana Reds, but as happens most of the time when I go to this butcher’s shop they did not have any in stock. I consider these to be the best sausage made by Eastbourne Village Butchery and others clearly share my view given their routine unavailability. Surveying the snarlers for sale I purchased some pork and apple cider sausages and an andouille sausage.

I was in Eastbourne for a running event and I really did not run as fast as I would have liked to, so as solace, I cooked up the pork and apple cider sausages when I got home. The boys were at home so it was two snarlers each. These are large sausages, a hearty snack after pounding Eastbourne and environs. They are finely ground. The sausage has the sweetness of pork and the slight acidy of the cider. It’s an enjoyable pork snarler that would appeal to the masses. If you are a plain banger eater, then this could be the sausage for you.

Cost per kilo: $20.95

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