Currywurst – BarvariaNZ

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Currywurst – BarvariaNZ

I recently came home with some Currywurst made by BarvariaNZ. I was at the market in Lower Hutt on a Saturday morning and saw the stall. Being a sausage geek I purchased a few items, including the currywurst. BarvariaNZ are new sausage makers who come from Carterton in the Wairarapa.

The currywurst is a finely ground sausage that is made from a beef and pork mixture. There are elements of garlic, coriander, curry powder, paprika and ginger. The currywurst has a very nice flavour, the meat and curry can be tasted. Achieving this balance ensures that people will come back for more. I enjoyed this sausage, both my wife and daughter thought they were nice sausages too.

My mate was in Berlin a few years back and he sent me photos of a currywurst food truck – he told me they were enormously popular there, but weren’t for him.

The cost of the currywurst was $10.00 for the packet of seven snarlers.

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