Argentinian Duck Chorizo Sausages

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Argentinian Duck Chorizo Sausages

It’s always a happy day when I am at Park Avenue Quality Meats and spot a new sausage in the cabinet. It was an Argentinian duck chorizo, which of course immediately due my attention. I asked Gordon, the butcher, about the sausage and he descried it is very similar to the chorizo criollo they make, which is one of my favourite sausages. The sausage is made from 50% duck and 50% pork.

Oregano, fennel, garlic and hot paprika are added to the duck and pork meat. By comparison the chorizo criollo recipe uses regular paprika. The stronger flavour of the paprika is contrasted by the smoother flavour of the duck meat.

Naturally I brought some of the Argentinian duck chorizo and cooked it for dinner. The flesh of the duck is creamier than the usual meat and makes for a softer and creamier flavour on the palate. Both my wife and I thought this was great tasting sausage. Served with roast capsicum and potatoes, with green beans – it was a delicious meal.

Cost per kilo: $44.95

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  1. Kay

    A non-sausage question: what have you placed over the capsicum??

    The whole meal looks delicious.

  2. Pare Eparaima

    When i read your reviews i wish i was back in the Wainuiomata office. To think i didnt even like sausages…..

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