The mid afternoon sausage snack – Hellertau Stuntman Snarlers

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The mid afternoon sausage snack – Hellertau Stuntman Snarlers

The window of Westmere Butchery, the awards they win are well deserved.

My mate who was visiting from England suggested we eat out together as it was their last night in New Zealand. Being the flexible types we are we agreed, however a small problem did exist. We had a small sample of Hallertau Stuntman sausages for Westmere Butchery in the fridge. These sausages won the best beer banger award in the 2014 Devro NZ Sausage Competition. After another day at Wainui Beach enjoying the surf and sand we came back to the bach to cook the snarlers for a mid afternoon snack. The boys and I soon had them eaten.


The butcher in Auckland described these as a smoked pork bratwurst with chilli. This sausage is very slightly smoked, with very mild taste of chilli, there is a small level of heat in the after taste. The sausage is named after Hellertau Stuntman, a craft beer, this is used to augment the flavours in the sausage. Stuntman is a hoppy IPA that I have not sampled. The fusion of the delicate smoke and light chilli along with Hellertau Stuntman meant that the meat was the dominant flavour. I did consider that the butcher’s description and my palate were at different places in relation to this sausage. However this is still a very pleasant sausage that will appeal to your average kiwi snarler eater’s palate. While I would purchase this sausage again.
Our families went to The Shack in Raglan for dinner, great food along with witty repartee meant the evening was very enjoyable.


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