Waikane Butcher’s Chicken Sausages with Orange and Ginger

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Waikanae Butcher’s Chicken Sausages with Orange and Ginger


These were purchased from Waikanae Butchery’s truck at the Sunday morning market at Chaffers St. I have taken a couple of photos of the truck. It is an impressive purpose built mobile butcher’s shop. The day I was there the two butchers were very busy dealing with customers who were seeking to buy quality meat and sausages.


I bought ten chicken orange and ginger sausages and cooked them up for the family dinner. The sausages are long and thin, giving off a delicate aroma of orange prior to cooking. The butcher told me they use whole oranges when making the sausages, so maybe you can get also get your daily dose of vitamin C through these snarlers. They are a fine to medium ground sausage and cooked nicely.


When eaten the initial flavour is the orange citrus taste. As the sausage goes to the back of mouth a secondary taste is one of mild ginger. The chicken meat complements these flavours. There were flecks of a green herb that could be observed in the sausage, maybe sage? But my ever alert and sophisticated palate could not detect the exact flavour. This is a quality chicken sausage and they disappeared quickly from the dinner table. My wife liked them but my daughter said she was not sure about the merits of fruit flavoured sausage. I asked her what she thought about pork and apple and she then said that I should not identify inconsistencies in her statements and got a bit huffy, in a pleasant adolescent way. Oh the joys of being a parent. My son liked them, and quickly helped himself to another.


These are high quality chicken sausages. While citrus flavours are not my preferred option and I would definitely prefer a quality chicken sausage without the orange flavour, these would be the sausage for you if you do like orange and are craving to boost to your vitamin C intake over dinner.


Cost per kilo: $21.95


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