Garlic and Red Wine Sausages at the Sevens

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Garlic and Red Wine Sausages at the Sevens


I headed off the Rugby Sevens tournament in Wellington on Saturday. This is a fun, dress up, party atmosphere seven a side rugby tournament held annually at the stadium. I decided to take along some sausages to sustain myself and my friend during the day and into the evening.


I went to Cameron Harrison in Kelburn and bought some garlic and red wine sausages. The butcher told me they are pork sausages and if you like a strong garlic taste you will enjoy these. When I opened the bag at home there certainly was a strong garlic aroma, which is just as well as I like garlic. When handled these sausages the butcher gave me the impression they had been made some time ago. They were sticky and did not handle like a freshly made sausage, however they smelt fine. So I cooked them up.


These sausages are a medium grind sausage. They are small in length and diameter. A nice snacking size for a snarler.


As per usual there was quality control. My son sampled one and said, “These are good.” I had to stop him grabbing a second one. My wife also had one and thought the sausage tasted very nice. Garlic is the dominant taste and this goes nicely with the pork flavour. The overriding taste of garlic means the red wine is not discernible on the palate. These are a very nice eating sausage and I will buy these again.


Cameron Harrison has two shops, one in Kelburn and another in Ngaio. They are a quality butcher’s shop. They make a variety of quality sausages that come from a traditional recipe base.
New Zealand v Canada in the quarterfinal


So how did the sausages go at the sevens? In between rugby, revelry and a rowdy good time, they went down well. New Zealand beat England in the semi-final, and South Africa in the final – a great result as the crowd of pirates, prisoners and sumo wrestlers sang and danced the evening away.


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