Wild Pork Sausages with Leek and Potato Pie

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Wild Pork Sausages and Leek and Potato Pie


Tonight for dinner I cooked Harmony Foods Wild Boar Sausages. These were purchased from Moore Wilsons. They won a Gold Award at the NZ Sausage Awards in 2010.


The label on the packaging says: Razor Back NZ Wild Boar. Bred in the open pastures of NZ. Razor Back NZ Wild Boar is the real taste experience. Razor Back NZ wild Boar is best savoured with friends and a full bodied red wine.


Call me picky, but my experience of wild pigs is scrub and bush. I realise the pigs do go down to the river flats to feed, however open pastures is more of a marketing phrase than reality. Or are these wild (?) boar kept in pastures? However this is not the key point.


These are very good pork sausages. They are coarse and meaty. There is a hint of fennel to add to the flavour. You can see the odd fennel seed in the meat. There is also some bacon as part of the meat. They are very good eating.


I really enjoy a cold sausage the following day. These will make great eating cold.  


The kids liked the sausages, one was very keen, the other two moderately keen.
Cost per kilo: $20.95


I served the sausages with a new recipe I had not made before, Gooey Leek, Potato and Vintage Cheddar Pie. This came from a cook book I got for my birthday; Pie by Dean Brettschneider. The pie I made used Edam cheese as opposed to vintage cheddar. This went down well with the family. The leeks and potatoes are mixed with a sauce of mustard, egg, sour cream and cheese. It is a gooey pie. And gooey is good.
The pie held together well, it was very nice to eat. I will make this again. Also in the book is a Sausage, Sun-dried Tomato and Potato Tart. This recipe is a bit more complicated and would take longer to cook, watch for a new posting when this gets cooked.

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